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yaopon green tea ~orange, vanilla & cardamom~ caffeine

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since I gave up coffee {okay not entirely true, I do have one cup a day still} I drink alotta tea. lots. all. day.

so its no surprise that ive become slightly obsessed with blending all natural teas from the organic ingredients that are overflowing my apothecary.

yaopon is technically not a true tea, but more of a herbal infusion (tastes like green tea to me).it's grown right here in the u.s. 

its naturally caffeinated, and packed with the good stuff. (ill leave it to you to hit the inter web to check it out) 

ive added some of my favorite yums to this one. whole vanilla pod & seeds, dried organic orange & ground cardamom.

loose blends packed in a basic Kraft bag with individual un dyed drawstring tea bags included (if needed). less packaging = better for our planet

1 oz

the ingredients in each of my tea blends are different, and included because of the benefits each provides. (some just to make it taste yummy)

(ill leave it to you to research them to see exactly why they are pretty darn awesome.)

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