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tummy tea ~ soothing~ caffeine free

tummy tea ~ soothing~ caffeine free

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we here at SHS are very familiar with tummy issues. when savannah was small, she was rarely sick. but when she was, it was tummy or skin.....

and for me well.....please please please don't ask me to sit in the back seat of a car, take a boat ride on a choppy ocean or ride any spinning or rocking ride at the amusement part. nope.

this blend definitely does this trick for us.

loose blends packed in a basic Kraft bag with individual un dyed drawstring tea bags included (if needed).

1.5 oz

caffeine free

the ingredients in each blend are different, and included because of the benefits each provides. (some just to make it taste yummy)

(ill leave it to you to research them to see exactly why they are pretty darn awesome.)

ingredients: organic peppermint, organic chamomile , organic ginger