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the kitchen sink ~ gift box
the kitchen sink ~ gift box

the kitchen sink ~ gift box

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now come on....ya know I had to do this one righttt???

the kitchen sink gift box.

so sooooo many of you have been asking me to create a solid dish soap. I worked on this one for months getting the correct ratio of coconut oil.it's not so easy.

while doing testing for this bar, I tried out many other kitchen bars. every single one felt either sticky, slick or oily on the dishes. like, it didn't rinse away. I hated it. so I omitted the castor oil many use. (they use it to make the bubbles dense, and last) I just thought......welll lighter bigger bubbles that don't quite last as long will be an okay trade off for squeaky clean dishes.

I hope you agree.

soooo I had my fabulous soap dish maker Charlie (in Maine) custom make me a few sizes of sturdy eastern cedar crates for not only to hold my "kitchen brick" but to also offer many different gift boxes for the holidays.

so here it is....the kitchen sink gift box.

here's what's included:

one kitchen brick soap or round (you choose) lemongrass scent. 

one custom made eastern cedar soap crate for at the sink OR round ceramic holder for round soap

one natural bamboo bristle & wood pot brush

one natural coconut bristle & bamboo longer handled brush

one handmade natural jute scrubbie

one handmade natural cotton dishcloth

one 2oz bottle hand sanitizer {lemongrass}

ive bundled these all together because honestly....this is all I use at my kitchen sink. I keep a soap dish (someones handmade pottery project I found at a thrift store) which holds my dishcloth, scrubbie & glass brush on one side and the kitchen brick; box and brush on the other.

I can wrap the whole box in reusable cheesecloth or vintage fabric if you would like. as well as add any note, if you are giving as a gift. just let me know in the notes section at checkout.