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~rose clay ~ face mask {sensitive }  ~vegan~
~rose clay ~ face mask {sensitive }  ~vegan~

~rose clay ~ face mask {sensitive } ~vegan~

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with all of my masks, the main function is to draw out impurities from the skin. 

the ingredients in each are different, and included because of the benefits each provides.

(ill leave it to you to research them to see exactly why they are pretty darn awesome.)

dry mask packaged in a Kraft bag. less packaging = healthier planet. :)

one application = 1 mask

the 2 oz size is about 4 masks

directions: scoop two tablespoons into bowl. add 1-4 tablespoons water, one at a time and stir to desired consistency. if you added the rose hydrosol or rosehip oil add 1 tablespoon of either, then add water to desired consistency. add more or less water based on your desired consistency. paint mask on with fingers or brush. let dry completely. rinse off.

ingredients: rose clay, kaolin clay, ground rose petals, marshmallow root powder

Rose hydrosol