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gift box no2 {self care}
gift box no2 {self care}
gift box no2 {self care}

gift box no2 {self care}

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self care has taken a front seat this year. honestly, that makes me really happy. I'm totally guilty of rushing around working working like crazy 7 days a week ignoring my self care.

I mean seriously, I became a pro at it, given I was a single mom for 24 of savannah 27 years. with no family help, I navigated mom; mommy; ma; mommmmm erry day.

so while I know this has been a very hard year for all of us, there is always a positive. sometimes its really hard to see, but it's there. I promise.

so if you value self care, and wanna give that gift to someone who you adore. this box is perfect.

here's what's included: 

a beautiful handmade {custom for shs} small ceramic bowl {to mix your masks & scrubs} with chip brush applicator

small wooden spoon for mixing

one gentle face scrub 

set of three face masks (deep clean, radiant, soothing)

eye pillows {to sooth your eyes while you rest with your face mask on} :)

two fleece eye wipes

one fleece washcloth

bath salts (my choice)1c

2oz size sugar scrub (you choose)

packed in a reusable eastern cedar crate, handmade by Charlie, in Maine