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~ love & peace~  rose quartz crystal embedded soap {vegan}

~ love & peace~ rose quartz crystal embedded soap {vegan}

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limited edition very very small batch of crystal embedded soaps.

ive custom blended the essential oils to compliment the crystals.

I did a small custom order for a shop down in asbury park, for some of these bars. it was very fun, and I loved the idea. while our business arrangement was not a good fit for me, y'all loved the idea too, I decided to do a special collection for you.

as with all of my soaps...

~infused with good vibes and sealed with inspiration~

listing is for one bar.


saponified oils of coconut; babassu; rice bran; shea butter; olive & sunflower,  essential oil blend with rose, natural clays.

{saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix lye (sodium hydroxide, a natural element) and a liquid to oils. this chemical reaction creates soap. every single soap on our beautiful planet has lye in it. if it doesn't have lye, its not soap, its detergent.}