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locally sourced 100% natural fruit jam

locally sourced 100% natural fruit jam

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with lots of time on my hands last year....I started going back to doing/making things that gave me joy in the past.

when savannah was a baby we lived upstate for about a year or so. we were close to the farms, and well ya know....I love learning new "craft" and making things.

so one thing lead to another, I rented out commercial kitchen space and started selling jams and jellies etc at craft markets.

life took us to Florida....(long story no rehashing on this one)and that was that....

so as I navigate a new business world, and decide on what I really want this business to be, ive decided to bring on the goods again.

everything I make is very small batch. when its gone its gone.

my hope is that once the flea opens again, I will be offering a larger variety of things from my apothecary & provisions.

I hope you are as excited as I am.

one jar of jam

all natural and locally sourced ingredients. 

ingredients: fruit, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, calcium. (some flavors contain vanilla extract & cinnamon)