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~ basic beer ~ 100 % natural shampoo bar {vegan}

~ basic beer ~ 100 % natural shampoo bar {vegan}

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a healthy dose of beer  added makes this mbar have nice bubbles. (some people are really into bubbles)

for body and/or hair

beer has been found to give body and shine to the hair. and ive added hemp seed oil (not cbd) hemps fatty acids have been found to promote healthy scalp which = hair growth.

for 20 plus years I was a hairstylist. and the truth is I was always on the hunt for "natural" products. aveda was my brand. back then horst the founder was alive and well. he too was a stylist. his products were hands down the best, and closest to natural. things have changed and loreal owns the company now.

once I learned the chemistry behind soapmaking I knew I could blend a great all natural shampoo; in a solid....to help do away with the unnecessary plastic and chemicals. baby steps toward better health for us; and our planet :)

listing is for one.

how to use for shampoo: cut bar in half  (its easier to handle), wet hair thoroughly. rub bar directly onto head, all around until it lathers. lather hair as you would liquid shampoo. (I know crazy right....lots of bubbles) rinse. repeat if necessary.

  ingredients: saponified oils of coconut; olive; walnut; shea butter; hemp seed; cocoa butter; babassu & sunflower, beer

walnut oil is excellent for your scalp. its been said that the fatty acids promotes hair growth.

{saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix lye (sodium hydroxide, a natural element) and a liquid to oils. this chemical reaction creates soap. every single soap on our beautiful planet has lye in it. if it doesn't have lye, its not soap, its detergent.}