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~hair care~ shampoo & conditioner subscription box {free continental us shipping}

~hair care~ shampoo & conditioner subscription box {free continental us shipping}

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love love my shampoo bars and conditioners? (meee too)

for 20 plus years I was a hairstylist. and the truth is I was always on the hunt for "natural" products. aveda was my brand. back then horst the founder was alive and well. he too was a stylist. his products were hands down the best, and closest to natural. things have changed and loreal owns the company now.

once I learned the chemistry behind soapmaking I knew I could blend a great all natural shampoo; in a solid....to help do away with the unnecessary plastic and chemicals. baby steps toward better health for us; and our planet :)

this subscription is basically for all of you who want to keep your shower stocked without having to reorder.

ill automatically ship to ya once a month or every other month. you choose.

first order will ship within days of ordering. subsequent shipments will ship between the 1st and 10th of each month.

***** this subscription box will also include a sample somthin somethin