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organic elderberry syrup kit
organic elderberry syrup kit

organic elderberry syrup kit

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it's no secret that plants were our first medicine.

I believe in our (or at least my) lifetime we've gotten so far away from natural solutions to our everyday needs.

no offense here, but we've gotten very lazy. we rush around; squeezing as much as possible in the day. and so, when we need a solution, when a problem or task arises.....we take the fastest, easiest solution offered. 

I think 2020 has taught us much already. it forced us all (or most, anyway) to slow down and take notice. take notice of everything.and so its my hope, that like me (but hey, ive been like this for a very long time) people will be regularly seeking more natural solutions to their everyday.

elderberries are pretty mainstream, now. most of you know that they are immunity boosting. and studies and research show that they help ease and/or prevent symptoms of colds and flu.

I make this syrup in fall, and continue as needed throughout the year really. I keep a bottle in my fridge. and take as needed.

its simple to make. directions are included.

ingredients: organic elderberries, organic echinacea, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cloves.

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