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~sanctuary (formerly peace)~solid essence {perfume, cologne with beeswax}

~sanctuary (formerly peace)~solid essence {perfume, cologne with beeswax}

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100% natural

sanctuary is an amazing essential oil blend that is hands down my favorite. on any given day you will smell this first thing when you walk in. (combo of lavender some citrus and other yummo oils)

when I hear the word perfume I think girly. I struggled with with the word perfume . I want to make inclusive products for all people.

so essence it is. no labels, just be yourself

essential oil blends create real scents found in nature. 

for as long as I can remember smelling good = smelling real. 

(biodegradable cardboard container)

ingredients: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, essential oil blend with lavender & orange.