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~ the dunes ~ 100 % natural exfoliating soap {vegan}

~ the dunes ~ 100 % natural exfoliating soap {vegan}

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I love the beach in the late fall with winter creeping up. the grasses in the dunes are dry and when the wind blows it makes a swishing noise that is. just.so.calming.

all natural vegan soap

I've added ground walnut shells to help scrub away the dry summer skin. and earthy woodsy notes of cedar wood vetiver and fir make it dry and smoky 

listing is for one bar.

saponified oils of coconut; olive; rice bran; shea butter; sweet almond & sunflower,  ground walnut shells, essential oil blend with cedar wood.

{saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix lye (sodium hydroxide, a natural element) and a liquid to oils. this chemical reaction creates soap. every single soap on our beautiful planet has lye in it. if it doesn't have lye, its not soap}