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~ repel  ~ 100 % natural insect repellent  {complete collection bundle}

~ repel ~ 100 % natural insect repellent {complete collection bundle}

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complete bundle of my insect repelling products.

{did I mention how effective they are} 

the truth is.....every time I purchased a product,really any product) I would read the ingredients. I probably spend too much time looking up words ive never heard before. and salty, it never fails to creep me out as to how many chemicals are in everything. yes, everything we use.

one of my goals with this biz was to simplify things....slow them down, and remove some of the chemicals from our world. (the other goal was living a life genuine to me, who I am...and to hopefully support myself financially with it)

I use all of my products on us. in fact finding solutions for myself was how this all started.

so, if you too are seeking natural, chemical free solutions to daily "hurdles" im hoping you will try this set.

it includes:

one bar of my treatment soap

one  bottle of my repellent spray {small is 2oz bottle, large is 4oz bottle}

one  solid repellent  {small is 2oz, large is 3oz.}

bundled in a muslin bag.