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~patchouli~ solid essence { perfume, cologne with beeswax}

~patchouli~ solid essence { perfume, cologne with beeswax}

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100% natural

easy to use. 

ahhhh patchouli. the truth is if I could I would make everything smell like patchouli. I love it and I've been slathering it on myself for 30 years. {yes I'm that old; don't judge} but thats just me. its okayyyy if you have a strong dislike for it.....more for me :)

when I hear the word perfume I think girly. I struggled with with the word perfume . I want to make inclusive products for all people.

so essence it is. no labels, just be yourself

essential oil blends create real scents found in nature. 

for as long as I can remember smelling good = smelling real. 

(biodegradable cardboard containers push up from bottom)

ingredients: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, patchouli essential oil