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~ lavender ~ 100 % natural laundry soap {vegan}

~ lavender ~ 100 % natural laundry soap {vegan}

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an all purpose laundry bar. for travels, hand washing, or spot stains.

all natural vegan soap

~infused with good vibes and sealed with inspiration~

listing is for one bar.


saponified oils of coconut; olive & lavender essential oil 

each bar weighs a minimum of 3.5
ounces. I hand cut and trim each bar so weight varies slightly.

{saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when you mix lye (sodium hydroxide, a natural element) and a liquid to oils. this chemical reaction creates soap. every single soap on our beautiful planet has lye in it. if it doesn't have lye, its not soap}

i make my soaps in very small batches. i use the old school cold process. once made, I cut my soaps by hand ( one by one) and cure (dry) them. My cure time is a minimum of 4 weeks. ( sometimes longer).