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~ oily, flaky~ solid conditioner

~ oily, flaky~ solid conditioner

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I made this bar with oily scalp/hair hair in mind

for 20 plus years I was a hairstylist. and the truth is I was always on the hunt for "natural" products.aveda was my brand. back then horst the founder was alive and well. he too was a stylist. his products were hands down the best, and closest to natural. things have changed and loreal owns the company now.

anyhow...... so over the next year I will be formulating natural shampoo bars & conditioning bars, and oils for different hair types. this is one of the first ive created

apricot kernel oil is a very light non greasy oil that keeps moisture in. the juniper essential oil has antiseptic and astringent properties and lemon essential oil help to remove excess oil and improve flaky scalp.

listing is for one bar.

how to use: wet hair. wet bar. either rub bar between hands and apply to hair or apply directly to hair by swiping downward. 

each bar weighs a minimum of 2 ounces. I hand pour each bar so weight varies

ingredients: btms 50 conditioning emulsifier (derived from rapeseed oil), *cetyl alcohol(derived from coconut oil), cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, honeyquat (moisturizer derived from honey), dl panthenol (vitamin b5) essential oil blend of juniper & lemon, *plantaserv e (preservative), 

*plantaserv e is a synthetic preservative, cetyl alcohol has some synthetic properties from processing.