well hey!!! please note...I no longer ship internationally. im so sorry. the rates & tariffs are prohibitive . BUT ive got free US shipping when you spend over 60.00. use code NA7DBJKSAWNS at checkout.

my mission statement

{the most important decision I had to make initially and still have to make daily is...... "how can i market a product with as little impact on our planet as possible and still create something that looks {somewhat} ok". ya know good... like something that you would want to buy. cause for me any recycled container worked just fine}

so my packaging reflects this. I don't toss in paperwork or business cards etc into your boxes. less is truly more

this I promise:

I do not use packaging that is not biodegradable, reusable glass and metal {holding 2oz or more}; or upcycled. **** please note, ive had to amend this as the spray nozzles on all pump sprays used for hand sanitizer etc contain some kind of plastic. IF you know of an alternative....please please shoot me a note)**** it was a very very hard decision to make. not made lightly. 

everything I use to package, gift wrap or ship is either biodegradable, reusable , upcycled or repurposed.

the foundation of my business is built on is this:

create products that are 100% natural. if it is impossible or a product does not function or has safety issues @ 100% natural fully disclose synthetic ingredients in labeling and in conversation. total transparency.

work toward 100% plant based. all of my soaps are 100% plant based. as of now, I do use beeswax and bee products in some of my products.

ingredients are always listed.

do not use products that are known to create sustainability issues. I do not use palm oil { I don't believe there is such a thing as sustainable palm oil } or essential oils I know to be from endangered species. so no sandalwood or rosewood. I read a lot to stay on top of this. It matters.

keep it simple.start out with the least amount of ingredients to create a product.if a product needs more to function better, add more. {this is why many of my recipes have fewer than 5 ingredients.}

years ago when I was searching out solutions to my everyday waste challenges I came upon this:

in our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.           great law of the iroquois confederacy.

I try my best every day to be mindful of this. because simply, there is no planet b.

thank you so very much for supporting me and my small business. your choices matter. they matter to me.