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me: my name is andrea.

i was born a maker.

and the truth is I am far more comfortable alone, creating something ; anything than i am in a crowd. tho,I'm quite chatty, maybe too much, and always willing to impart my wisdom or tell a story if you visit me in person( wether you are interested or not). but alone, in the quiet, is where I'm most happy. 

growing up in the 60s & 70s afforded an awareness into how all of out decisions impact our planet. I remember all the commercials on tv. ("give a hoot, don't pollute...) it aways mattered to me, and now more than ever. in my lifetime I've seen the change. the growth, the disconnect, the carelessness. it hurts my heart.

it seems to me that the main issue here is, we are not connected to our everyday decisions. we rush rush around doing without thinking about our minutes. we don't make the right now important. and as a result we ignore the fact that in our minutes we make decisions. small decisions. but they impact in a big way.

being a creative maker, I decided to apply this skill to the beauty industry. I became a hairstylist at 18 and spent 25 years in the field. I was always concerned with all of the chemicals in the products we use. with a strong understanding of skin and hair ive been able to channel that into creating products with zero or very little unnatural products in them. making products that are not only safer and healthier for us but with a much smaller environmental impact, helping us to keep our beautiful planet. (because as we all know; there is no planet b.)

Savannah hope studio:

my company was named after my daughter.

when savannah was grown {she's 27 now} I downsized into a bit less than 400 sq feet.

ive been a vintage dealer/collector for many years. I specialize in American pottery, china & glass. this business started when I downsized and had 5 crates of one off pieces of glass: sets of cups & saucers; and vintage mugs that simply...no one wanted. with storage of these things a huge issue (and the inability to throw away something that was useful) I taught myself to make candles. it was the beginning of what you see today.

every year I teach myself a new craft. I'd been slightly obsessed with handmade soap for as long as I can remember, and it really was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred and I learned soap making. its been several years now, and each and every time I make a new batch, im still excited. I truly love what I do.

I've been creating natural products for myself and for my home for quite some time. I've always been a bit "crunchy".its my hope to increase my product offerings to include many of the cleaning and every day products I've been making/using for years. lets face it....we need alternatives to the toxic chemicals we liberally consume and push into our planet.

so putting all the above "skills" together is really all this website and business is.

from time to time I will include here some other items that I think you may find interesting. these will include any new craft that I've found the time to do.....or handmade from others. friends, acquaintances or other small business owners that I choose to support.

 ****and keep in mind, as of now, I am a one woman show. I do everything. I make everything in very small batches. please don't expect me to have 50 of something in stock.

i live a pretty simple life. i wake up every day happy to create. i'm thrilled that those of you I've already met, love my products. this is my life work, now. my job. I pay my bills & feed my dogs with the income I generate.  someday soon I will fulfill my dream of owning a home in vermont, because of your support. i try to help our beautiful world to be a bit better. because it matters.

and you matter. :)

thank you for choosing my products. i know you have a choice.